Training Manual

The Street Therapy Interactive step-by-step manual guides the practitioner in setting the climate for co-constructing cooperation with youth by providing useful tools for facilitation and communication through each stage of creating meaningful relationships. Content and relevant activities anticipate the developmental stages of groups and individuals and the phases of change expected in cooperation which is truly co-constructed by therapist and client, adult and adolescent, facilitator and group.


S.T.I. certified staff members provide on-site training. Seminars are customized to meet the specific needs of your clients and assist your staff in developing strategies for co-constructing cooperation in even the most challenging individuals and groups. Half and full-day seminars may be combined in consecutive sessions or scheduled at intervals to strengthen the skills of counselors, social workers or teachers in a continuous program of growth.

Professional Learning Communities

Build a community of adult learners who share their insights and experiences to improve their work with troubled youth. S.T.I. materials provide a framework for discussion and reflection on personal practice. The S.T.I. model allows for self-directed professional development as well as performance evaluation through the use of rubrics which correspond to the concepts of co-constructing cooperation.

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