BMES is an online behavior intervention program for children in K-12 grades. Designed foryouth lacking the necessary social skills to be successful in educational settings. This self-paced behavior module learning is an excellent supplement to behavior interventions. STI includes self-paced web-based modules to engage students in learning 25 pro-social behaviors that are needed to be successful in school. Real-life scenarios provide the basis for student responses that differentiate between alternative behavior paths and guide students toward learning concepts of practical problem solving.

In real time, the program automatically adjusts the level of difficulty once the student passes a level, making behavioral social interactions easier or harder, according to the skill and comprehension level of the student.

With the click of a button, data is transformed into easy to read, graphical reports showing the student’s relative behavioral and social skill level.

The behavior learning modules are adapted to be age appropriate so we offer the elementary, middle school and high school version. By emphasizing the theme of self-determination and motivation for academic success by using appealing graphics and engaging tools that are motivating to young people accustomed to the digital age of electronic communication and connectedness we have come up with a successful and much needed product.

STI Behavior Modification Software covers 25 Categories that students encounter on a daily basis:

1. Bullying

2. Cigarettes/Tobacco

3. Gang Affiliation

4. How to talk To Your Parents

5. Play Fighting/Hands On

6. Harassment/Provoking

7. Peer Pressure

8. Dressing Appropriately

9. How to be a Leader

10. Teen Sex

11. Drug Use

12. Street language/Appropriate language

13. Instigating/Gossiping

14. Internet and Sexting

15. Snitching to help

16. Stealing

17. Safety

18. Racism/Different Cultures

19. Values and Morals

20. Study Skills

21. Conflict Resolution

22. Mediation

23. Reflection

24. Journaling

25. Goal Setting

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